Book Review

Review Policy:

Because I’m both an avid reader and a writer, I thought it would be fun to start a book review page where I discuss the remarkable, the not-so-much, and the unreached potential, filling the pages of the books I read. In the Reader’s Take section I give an overall summary of how I felt about the story. The Writer’s Take portion is where I note more technical likes and dislikes I noticed along the way. This part of my review is not meant to put down the author I’m reviewing but to offer any other writers who may visit my site a little advice on crafting a well-written story.

Of course, as I’m well aware, writing the perfect novel is not a reality but as authors we must continually be improving, and learning from another’s triumphs and mistakes is one of the best ways to do so.

I mostly review novels of my own choosing but if you’d like me to review one of your books, I’d be happy to. Just know that I’m honest with my reviews, brutally so.

Also, I only read paper books.

No ebooks please 🙂