Replacing Gentry



When Marlie agrees to attend Vanderbilt Medical School’s, cadaver ball, with her college roommate, Anna-Beth, she didn’t expect to actually see any cadavers at the ball. Or, that the cadaver would issue her a chilling warning. And she certainly never anticipated that a year later she would be married to a Tennessee State Senator, Daniel Cannon, and living in Nashville with two step sons. Add to mix a sneaky suspicion that something is amiss with Daniel’s first wife’s death and now Marlie also has her overactive curiosity to deal with. What begins as an innocent inquiry into Daniel’s mysterious past, ends with Marlie right in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy she never saw coming.

A modern twist on the Rebecca and Jane Eyre novels, Replacing Gentry follows Marlie’s precarious journey from misfit to socially tolerable. Along the way she haphazardly discovers the love, closure and acceptance that had always seemed to hover just beyond her reach.

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