I’ve always been a HUGE music lover!

So when I started writing Count Down to Love (a story about a country singer who gets dumped at the alter and ends up on a reality TV dating show) I had the “brilliant” idea to enlist a couple of my Nashville singer/song writer friends to help me put together a song that would accompany the book.

Long story short, Who I Am, the single was born.

The entire experience was magical to say the least. From the moment I heard Aaron play the first chords of the chorus to hearing the lyrics fall beautifully from Lisa’s lips in the recording studio.

It was truly amazing to see the way both Aaron and Brad were able to hear the melody in their heads and then simply start to play. They cleaned me out of jellybeans and a few other snacks but it was all worth it.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever guessed that there would be a song out there with my name listed as one of the writers.

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